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Was I mistreated by my employer when they fired me?

In the wake of having your employment terminated by your employer, it is easy to immediately begin thinking about how you were wronged by the company. Most people would understandably feel this way. However, not every firing is done in an illegal or immoral fashion. In many cases, a business proceeds with the process of terminating employment in a compliant way.

Retaliation: What it is and why you need to know about it

The decisions employers and supervisors make aren't always popular or well understood. For instance, the decision to fire someone can come up against some backlash. The terminated employee can be mad; other employees can feel scared and confused about their own job security.

Refusal to violate federal regulations not grounds for firing

No one should be fired from their job for refusing to break the law or put themselves in serious danger. After all, a job should be something that allows us to earn a living, not something that puts our freedom or well-being in jeopardy.

Refusal to break the law grounds for wrongful termination

Going to work isn't always the most enjoyable thing people do on a regular day. But regardless of how you feel about your specific job, you probably expect that, at minimum, as long as you go in, do what you're supposed to do and avoid breaking the rules, you will keep your job and collect your paycheck.

Don't be surprised by arbitration

In our last post, we discussed the importance of reading employment agreements carefully before signing them. In that post, we explained that signing these documents without proper review and understanding could jeopardize a person's legal options in the wake of a dispute.

Why you must be careful when signing an employment agreement

Getting offered a new job can make people feel very excited and eager to start a new chapter in their professional lives. With all this anticipation, it can be easy to want to do whatever you can to get through the hiring process and get started. However, before you get too far ahead of yourself, it can be wise to slow down, be thorough and avoid making any decisions that could come back to haunt you.

Why you will want to consider a wrongful termination claim

Being fired can turn your entire world upside down. With that one decision, you might not be able to pay rent, buy groceries, fix your car or support your family. Considering how devastating that one decision can be, it is crucial that it be made wisely. 

Jury: Firefighter subjected to retaliation, wrongful termination

With a few exceptions, employment in Florida is considered at-will. This means that a person can be fired for just about any reason; good cause is not necessary. However, as simple as this might seem, there are many gray areas and complications that can arise that make at-will employment a complex area of law. 

Here there be Zika dragons - but how brave do employees have to be? p3

The Zika virus has been spread quickly, first through South America, then through Central America and Mexico -- with the United States, 36 countries in all. Of the 84 cases confirmed for the U.S., 24 have been in Florida. Not only are Floridians mobile, but we are a major gateway for travelers to the Americas and the Caribbean.

What is wrongful termination?

If you lost your job in a way that seems unfair, you may be wondering if you have a wrongful termination case. In reality, unless you have an employment contract, your employment is more than likely "at will." This means your employer can fire you at any time and for almost any reason -- or for no reason.

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