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Providing Tailored Guidance For Your Legal Needs

Photo of Michelle Cohen Levy
Photo of Michelle Cohen Levy

Advising You On Your Options During A Business Acquisition Or Sale

Finalizing an asset acquisition or sale can be a momentous event for business owners. In their haste to close a deal, however, parties can overlook details and obligations which can endanger an entity’s long-term viability. This is why it is necessary to temper the promise of opportunity with current financial realities.

In South Florida, small business owners retain The Law Office of Michelle Cohen Levy, P.A., when they need straightforward legal advice on impending business transactions. I am Michelle Cohen Levy, skilled business attorney and the firm’s solo practitioner. Whether you need advice on selling a business or merging with a smaller entity, I have the insight you need to facilitate this process and other transactions.

Promoting Your Best Interests At Each Stage Of Your Transaction

I recognize the unique challenges business owners face when they are considering their options. When you consult with me, I take the time to provide a detailed assessment of your alternatives and an explanation of all possible outcomes.

I handle all steps relating to asset or stock purchases, including:

  • Conducting due diligence on matters that relate to a business’s operation, including employee contracts, benefits, licenses and permits
  • Analyzing financial information related to tax obligations, revenue statements, expenses, outstanding loans and other documents
  • Assessing the value of intellectual property and real estate holdings
  • Writing, negotiating and executing purchase agreements

I also represent owners in asset and property sales. If you are seeking to wind down your business or merge with another company, I will conduct a thorough review of your finances to prove that your business is in good standing. I have experience evaluating businesses according to market value, asset value or income value. I strive to secure favorable terms at the end of your sale.

Throughout Broward County, I have established a reputation as an ethical and reliable lawyer. These attributes matter when you are engaged in a complex process with long-lasting consequences.

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