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Photo of Michelle Cohen Levy
Photo of Michelle Cohen Levy

By Your Side Throughout Your Wrongful Termination Suit

Florida, like most states in the U.S., is an at-will state, which allows employers to release employees from their positions without providing a warning or reason. Employers do not need to justify terminating a position. However, they cannot fire a worker an unlawful reason. If you believe that your position has been wrongfully terminated, you deserve justice.

Filing wrongful termination claims in court without a legal background can be difficult. When your future earnings are at risk, it is crucial to resolve this matter as efficiently as possible. I, Michelle Cohen Levy, understand the intricate nature of employment disputes. I am an experienced employment law attorney and skilled trial lawyer. I help Broward County employees navigate the legal process when they have been wrongfully terminated.

Representing Workers Who Have Been Illegally Fired

When you file an internal or external complaint, the law protects you from retaliatory acts, such as docking your pay, passing you over for a promotion or assigning difficult tasks as a punishment.

I represent clients who have been wrongfully terminated after they have filed:

At my Fort Lauderdale firm, I practice business and employment law. I use my strong background in these fields when I analyze my clients’ employment contracts, policies and procedures for compliance issues.

If your employer violated the terms of your agreement or included prohibited terms in your agreement, I can present a persuasive argument in court.

Do You Believe You Have A Case? Contact My Firm For An Assessment.

Before you act, talk to a wrongful termination lawyer and learn your options. I respond quickly to consultation requests and will give you an honest evaluation of your case. I invite you to reach me online or over the phone at 954-687-9782.