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Photo of Michelle Cohen Levy
Photo of Michelle Cohen Levy

Pushing Back Against Workplace Discrimination

When people work together, it is only natural that tensions and disputes sometimes arise. But it is quite another matter when unfair treatment of an employee or job applicant crosses the line into improper discrimination.

I am attorney Michelle Cohen Levy. As a skilled litigator, I can help you bring in an employment discrimination claim to assert your rights. I encourage you to give me a call today to discuss the legal options for your unique situation. From my office in Fort Lauderdale, I serve clients throughout South Florida.

What Type Of Discrimination Did You Suffer?

The consequences of discrimination can vary widely. Discrimination can result in wrongful termination, denial of promotion or improper denial of employment in the first place. If this has happened to you, I stand ready to use my experience in employment cases to advocate effectively on your behalf.

Granted, discrimination is a broad word. In practice, there are different types of employment discrimination. These include discrimination based on:

  • Race or color — Discrimination based on race or color is not allowed for any aspect of employment. Legal protections extend beyond hiring and firing to pay, promotions and other aspects of employment.
  • Sex (gender) — Unfavorable treatment based on gender can take various forms, from pregnancy discrimination against women to sex-based harassment.
  • Age — Protections for older workers in federal law begin at the age of 40. As the workforce ages, cases of discrimination are a continuing concern.
  • Disability status — The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) creates many legal protections for people with disabling conditions.
  • Religion — Federal law does not only prohibit discrimination against workers and job applicants from major religions but these prohibitions extend to all those with sincerely held religious or ethical beliefs.
  • Natural origin — It is impermissible to treat people unfairly in an employment law setting based on the country or region of the world where they come from.

Of course, the steps I take on your behalf will depend greatly on the facts of your particular situation. But I will listen closely to your story and give you my honest advice about your legal options. And if it makes sense to proceed with a legal challenge, I will be with you every step of the way until it is resolved.

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