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Photo of Michelle Cohen Levy
Photo of Michelle Cohen Levy

A Business Partnership Is Only As Good As Its Partnership Agreements

Before you launch your company with your business partners, you must not overlook the crucial step of creating a partnership agreement. This should be among first items on your list before you set out to accomplish your business goals.

A detailed business partnership agreement addresses many things, including what happens when change, disputes and “what-if” scenarios surface.

An experienced business law attorney can create a definitive partnership agreement. The Law Office of Michelle Cohen Levy, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a led by founding attorney Michelle Cohen Levy. Well-regarded among legal peers, she has been named to the Rising Stars list in seven of the last eight years dating back to 2013.

Guiding Companies, Anticipating Changes

With your company, you have goals you hope to achieve. You also want to ensure that your business operates smoothly. A partnership agreement can define:

  • Roles and duties of each partner
  • Length of the partnership
  • Ownership percentages
  • Profit distribution
  • Scenarios addressing any unexpected issues, including the death or disability of a partner
  • Dissolution of the partnership
  • Buy-outs within the partnership
  • Disputes among business partners

As a third-generation attorney, Ms. Levy focuses on helping people, business owners and their companies. Knowledgeable and responsive, she will provide you with insight you need to build a solid legal foundation for your venture.

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