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Photo of Michelle Cohen Levy
Photo of Michelle Cohen Levy

Staunch Advocate For Victims Of Harassment

Recent high-profile sexual harassment cases may have turned a spotlight on this illegal behavior. For many victims of this workplace discrimination, however, various factors make it difficult to obtain justice. If your supervisor or co-worker is harassing you, you may feel that you have these poor options available: Confront your aggressor and put your career at risk, or endure the advances and keep your job.

At The Law Office of Michelle Cohen Levy, P.A., I can provide another solution: Use the law to stop this discrimination and receive compensation for the pain you have suffered. I am Michelle Cohen Levy, sexual harassment attorney and sole practitioner at my employment law firm.

Throughout South Florida, I am recognized for my legal acumen and responsive representation. I am the legal ally you need during this difficult time.

Know The Signs Of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment creates an oppressive atmosphere in which victims feel diminished due to others’ words or actions. Emotional abuse or threats can negatively affect the victim’s self-worth or sense of control. State and federal laws prohibit these actions and may hold employers responsible for damages.

As an employment lawyer, I am qualified to represent employees are struggling with workplace issues, such as these types of complaints:

  • Quid pro quo claims against offenders who have made inappropriate sexual demands in exchange for promotions or privileges
  • Hostile work environment claims against individuals whose conversations or activities negatively affect an individual’s ability to work.

When you contact my Fort Lauderdale firm, I will listen to your story without judgment. I will review the documentation you provide, including correspondence with the aggressor or human resources. Using this information, I will recommend a legal strategy that addresses your concerns.

You can rely on me to handle you concerns with the discretion and skill you deserve.

You Do Not Need To Confront This Workplace Matter Alone. Contact Me Today.

I am dedicated to promoting workers’ rights and their welfare. I invite you to arrange your free and confidential case review. Please reach me online or over the phone at 954-687-9782.