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Photo of Michelle Cohen Levy
Photo of Michelle Cohen Levy

Helping Workers Receive The Benefits They Deserve

Today’s on-demand economy requires contractors to maintain this flexible working arrangement.

Problems arise when contractors take on the responsibilities associated with full-time employees without the benefits. If you have been mischaracterized as a contractor when you should be considered a full-time employee, this misclassification can have serious financial implications.

Florida’s courts provide options for misclassified workers seeking full compensation for their labor. The Law Office of Michelle Cohen Levy, P.A., is an employment law firm representing workers throughout Broward County who are fighting to receive the benefits and wages they deserve. Whether your employer has made an honest mistake or has deliberately classified you as a contractor, I, Michelle Cohen Levy, will help you challenge your employer in court.

Independent Contractor Or Full-Time Employee? This Distinction Matters.

In exchange for the flexibility that is built into contracting positions, workers may lose these perks that are associated with full-time employment, such as:

  • Access to health insurance
  • Matching retirement contributions
  • Paid sick time and vacation time
  • Overtime pay

Taxes also increase an independent contractor’s financial headaches. While contractors may not have access to these workplace benefits, they are often taxed at a higher rate than full-time employees. Since independent contractors are considered self-employed workers, their tax obligations for Social Security, Medicare and other taxes are not offset by an employers’ contribution.

As your lawyer, I will review the terms of your employment contract and study your workplace responsibilities. Using my experience as a trial attorney, I will tailor a legal strategy according to your circumstances. My Fort Lauderdale firm is recognized throughout the area for success in and out of Florida courthouses.

Do You Believe You Have Been Misclassified? Contact My Office For Options.

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