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What can employers do against retaliation in the workplace?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2023 | Employment Law, Workplace Discrimination |

One of the greatest assets of the U.S. is its workforce. Workers are so valuable that the law has provisions to protect their rights, health, safety and livelihoods. Some laws shield them from retaliation.

When employees exercise their rights by filing a complaint or reporting unlawful practices at the workplace, they receive protection from actions against them that adversely impact their welfare. Regardless of who in the company ordered it, any form of retaliation could violate existing worker protection policies. In these situations, employers should serve as an enforcing entity and address retaliation according to standards set by the law.

Retaliation cases often look like employee-versus-employer situations. Instead, employers should collaborate with their workers to remove retaliation in the workplace, making it a safer place for all. Employers could take the initiative by considering the following practices against retaliation:

  • Require employees, specifically those in leadership positions, to undergo anti-retaliation programs.
  • Implement a management culture that addresses retaliation.
  • Set up an internal process for receiving complaints, especially those against the law.
  • Monitor management to comply with anti-retaliation standards.
  • Review policies and study methods to develop a work culture that discourages retaliation.
  • Establish and roll out proper procedures for retaliation cases.
  • Aid victims of retaliation in the workplace who might have suffered after filing complaints or reports.

Workplace environments could differ depending on their operations and organizational dynamics. Still, the employer and their Human Resources representatives could adjust existing systems to integrate anti-retaliatory measures.

Fear of retaliation could hurt the organization

If no one reports unlawful practices within the company, it could worsen and put the whole organization in hot water. Preventing retaliation and helping employees raise the alarm on violations in the workplace could help uplift the entire company. There is more potential for growth and improvement if the employer is open to fixing what is wrong within the organization.