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Is your boss a bully? 

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2022 | Employment Law |

Running a company is a big responsibility. So too is being a representative of that company. It’s natural for both employees and bosses to feel stressed at times, but this stress should never boil over into inappropriate behavior. 

Workers in Florida have a legal right to work in an environment that is free from hostility. Unfortunately, this obligation is not always honored. Bullying behavior can come from anyone, but it often stems from those who are in higher positions. 

What are your options if your boss is engaging in bullying conduct?

Thoroughly assess the situation 

If you are doing your work to the best of your ability, then there is no reason for your boss to be angry with you. Even if you aren’t, this gives them the right to discipline you but not bully you. Usually, if you feel like something is off then your instincts are probably right. At this stage, it’s important to act and not let the situation escalate further. 

Document the behavior 

If you’re going ahead with a formal complaint, then you are going to need to provide evidence. Write down the dates, times and locations of any incidents that you felt constituted bullying. Talk to fellow staff members to check if they have witnessed anything and would be willing to back you up. 

Approach a neutral third party 

Most companies have a Human Resources department that is supposed to deal with issues between staff. They should do this tactfully and without bias. If you feel safe, then approach your HR department and ask them what their grievance procedure is. 

If you are unable to resolve an employment issue internally, then it might be time to start thinking about your legal options. Seeking some guidance on the matter will help to give you peace of mind.