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Keep a digital diary of workplace harassment 

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Sexual Harassment |

It’s often said that employees who are experiencing any type of harassment should keep a diary of when these events occur. It is true that documentation is important and that writing everything down can help you present a coherent account of events should you wind up in court. 

How can a digital diary help?

More extensive records lend weight to your story

It may be hard to prove that what you wrote down actually happened exactly the way that you recorded it. To this end, you may find it more beneficial to make a digital diary. You can start by making notes just as you would before, but you can then add in things like: 

  • Copies of written communication, such as email messages or social media messages
  • Screenshots of text messages or digital messages through any other app
  • Pictures of harassing events or notes
  • Copies of explicit pictures that someone else sent you
  • Copies of your performance reviews

There are many benefits to having this type of evidence. For one thing, it shows exactly what was said or done, word-for-word. Second, many digital files have timestamps and other marks that can help prove when something was said and who it really came from. You can also keep records of your responses, which can help you counter any claims the other party may make that they “didn’t know” that you did not like their behavior. 

Another advantage of a digital diary is that you are creating a comprehensive record that is stored on the cloud — away from your employer’s grasp. That can help keep the information protected and complete.

Knowing your options when you’re the victim of sexual harassment is important to your entire future. Let an experienced advocate guide you through the next steps you take and help you fully understand your position.