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How can an employer violate your wage and hour rights?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Wage & Hour Laws |

As is the case in most states, wage and hour laws are complicated in Florida. When neither side of a working relationship understands the law, it creates the ideal situation for violations to occur. As an employee, you deserve every cent due after contributing so much time to help your employer remain successful.

Unfortunately, wage and hour violations plague many workers in South Florida. Sometimes, employers willfully break labor laws for financial gain. Other times, it occurs accidentally. Regardless, workers should know how to spot violations.

Do you know the minimum wage?

States across the nation have begun gradually increasing their minimum wage rates. Each year on September 30, the Florida minimum wage increases by one dollar per hour.

If neither you nor your boss knows about these wage increases, you might not be getting the legal wage rate. Although it is the employer’s responsibility to stay accurate with minimum wage increases, employees also benefit from knowledge of wage laws.

Do you work through meal breaks without pay?

Florida employers are only required to provide breaks for employees under 18. However, most workplaces have policies that provide meal breaks. Employers do not have to pay for scheduled meal breaks when such a policy exists. On the other hand, if you frequently work during your lunch period, your employer must pay you for that time.

In the age of near-instant access to the legal side of maintaining a staff, employers have no excuse for their ignorance of labor laws. If you believe you are not getting fair treatment in your workplace, continue increasing your knowledge of state wage and hour laws. Such information can point the way to a successful remedy.