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Former Bank of America employee files wrongful termination suit

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2020 | Wrongful Termination |

The environment in a workplace can profoundly affect Florida employees, and not always for the better. One former Bank of America employee claims this was the situation she faced when the company started pushing aggressive sales tactics. She has since filed a wrongful termination lawsuit, alleging that Bank of America retaliated against her for speaking up about the hostile work environment, unreasonable expectations and problematic sales practices.

Her lawsuit claims that her work environment began to deteriorate in 2018, when managers started threatening and bullying employees to push unnecessary credit card sales. Many of the encouraged sales tactics were described as unethical and even illegal. All of this was apparently an effort to improve bank management’s image.

Employees were soon required to send in daily credit card sales reports. If management decided that a person’s sales were too low, he or she would be written up. Worried about losing their jobs, workers did their best to meet management’s standards. Abusive behavior, yelling and sexist remarks also became routine during this period of time.

After working at Bank of America for 21 years, the former market leader was fired shortly after expressing concern that they were not acting in the best interests of consumers. Sadly, this situation is not necessarily unique, and workers all across Florida have had to face similar problems in their own workplaces. When speaking up about hostile work environments leads to being fired, pursuing a wrongful termination lawsuit may be appropriate for holding an employer responsible for his or her actions while also recovering necessary compensation.