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What is toxic masculinity in the workplace?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2019 | Sexual Harassment |

Some common workplace tropes, such as pride in working the most hours or emphasizing a cut-throat process to get ahead, actually have roots in the concept of toxic masculinity. This diminishes the culture of a workplace and can also cause employees to partake in unhealthy competition. Inc. offers the following information so managers can identify these toxic elements and prevent them from doing harm to their workers. 

An emphasis on toxic masculinity in the workplace often includes four unique elements. First, you may be discouraged from showing weakness. Those who come to work ill will often be praised in this case, even though it endangers the health of other workers. Unhealthy competition may also be promoted, such as belittling another worker for not meeting certain goals. The third element involves rewarding a worker for strength as opposed to the quality of their output. Lastly, a toxic work environment usually entails honoring employees who place work above all else in their lives. 

In many cases, the hard part is identifying these traits within the workplace. Once you’ve done so, it can be rather easy to make adjustments to company culture to ensure all workers are treated fairly. For instance, if your place of work commonly hands out accolades based on hours worked, consider shifting rewards to more meaningful accomplishments. This is beneficial to creating a more positive company culture, as well as motivating employers to achieve higher quality. 

You can also strive to open a dialogue with your workers about the toxic elements they face on a daily basis. This process can be very enlightening, and also ensures that your workers continually have their needs met. It will also improve morale and result in a more efficient and functional workplace overall.