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Michelle Cohen Levy
Michelle Cohen Levy

Former dispatcher sued city and police department

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2019 | Wrongful Termination |

Every employee that goes to work for companies in Fort Lauderdale has the right to expect that the environments in which they perform their jobs will be professional and free of any hostility. If that expectation is not met, then employees should be able to voice their concerns without fear of suffering reprisals. Not only does retaliatory action on the part of an employer enable bad workplace behavior to continue, but it demonstrates an indifference to employee safety in favor of company loyalty.

One dismissed in such a retaliatory act may want to take action to not only preserve their own rights, but also to spotlight problems occurring within an organization. That was the claim made by a former police dispatcher in California who sued the city and police department she served for over 26 years following what she says was her wrongful termination. She claims that an atmosphere of sexual misconduct had pervaded the police department, and that her refusal to participate in it led to her being fired. For its part, the department claims that she was fired for her actions towards new trainees. The city ultimately decided to settle with the woman nearly two years after her initial claim.

Companies are charged with creating and maintaining safe work environments, which is why claims made by employees should be taken seriously. Oftentimes, it is only through legal action that changes to a company’s toxic culture are initiated. In that context, those bringing such action may feel a sense of duty towards their former coworkers to spark such a change. Anyone hoping to bring action in such a scenario may find an experienced employment law attorney to be a valuable ally during such an endeavor.