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Michelle Cohen Levy
Michelle Cohen Levy

When sexual harassment is rampant in a business

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2019 | Sexual Harassment |

We have discussed many of the consequences of sexual harassment, which include strong and difficult emotions, an inability to continue working at a particular location and trauma. Unfortunately, sexual harassment continues to shatter lives, even though a lot of attention has been given to this topic in recent months. In some instances, a particular business may have an especially troubling prevalence of sexual harassment, and the abuse may continue because nothing has been done to address the unlawful behavior. Under these circumstances, victims should immediately look into their options and may need to take legal action.

Unfortunately, some business owners show little regard for the well-being of their staff members, and others do not recognize problems that exist in the workplace and the consequences of these issues. As a result, some companies fail to take corrective action and allow sexual harassment to occur far too often within their business. This is unacceptable and victims should not think twice about exploring their options. Sometimes, filing a complaint can address the situation, but filing a lawsuit may be necessary as well. If sexual harassment is rampant within a particular business, those who have been subjected to mistreatment may need to come together and take action as a group.

It is pivotal for victims of sexual harassment and other employee rights violations to speak out when their rights have been violated. We discuss many other issues related to addressing unlawful harassment on our blog and victims should remain focused on holding offenders accountable.