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Reporter settles discrimination lawsuit with FS1

Colleen Dominguez is a respected sports reporter who used to work for ESPN. In 2014, she left the sports titan in Bristol to work for Fox Sports One, a relatively new sports network that wants to compete with ESPN. For such a high-profile move by such a high-profile reporter, it seems odd that we haven't seen much of Colleen Dominguez on Fox Sports One since. This is because she has been locked in a discrimination lawsuit with FS1 after Dominguez alleged she was treated differently than younger women and all men at the network.

Too many ways for discrimination to occur

Discrimination is a broad term that can apply to a number of different areas of the employer-employee relationship. But what is undisputed about this term is that it is illegal and a horrible practice by any individual or party. If you work somewhere and feel that the company utilizes discriminatory practices or that certain employees harass you or treat you differently because of your race, religion or other factor, then you should consider your rights and legal options.

Workplace discrimination is never OK

It is infuriating to even think that you could be discriminated against for something as basic and human as your race, your religion or your gender, and yet there are plenty of examples of companies and employees who base their hiring decisions and workplace practices on these factors. It shouldn't be this way, but here we are.

Lawsuit: Older employees don't feel so lucky at Google

Google is one of the most well known tech companies in the world. It is an industry leader that sets the bar when it comes to internet, software and technology solutions and products. However, according to recent claims by former employees, Google may be setting the bar in less impressive ways as well.

3 signs you have been discriminated against at work

Being passed over for a promotion or not being hired for a job can feel like an intensely personal slight. While there are many reasons why you might not have gotten the job you wanted, there is a possibility the decision was discriminatory. However, it can be very difficult to tell the difference.

NFL taking a unique approach to reducing workplace discrimination

Every person should know that discrimination in the workplace is illegal. However, it is often difficult to actually identify acts of discrimination and unless you are the victim, you might find it easy to look the other way or even support discriminatory behavior.

Pregnancy discrimination an issue before women enter workforce

Being the victim of discrimination on the job can be devastating for any person. Not only can such mistreatment jeopardize your career and your financial stability, it can also make you feel helpless, frustrated and alone.

What is your company's HR department working on this year?

We came across an article recently that was, on its face, directed at employers. The author was alerting company operations managers and human resource professionals to key employment law issues that might be coming up during 2016. This got us to thinking: Not every employer has the resources to monitor trends and to anticipate changes to, for example, wage and hour laws. There are employers, too, that are reluctant to adapt, unhappy with the legal landscape that has evolved over the past couple of years.

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