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Discussing sexual harassment in today's day and age

You would think that, with it being the year 2017, we would have rid ourselves of the scourge that is sexual harassment in the workplace. However, that simply isn't the case. There are myriad news stories out there that show women (and some men) are being sexually harassed at work. A survey in the United Kingdom found that 40 percent of barristers (lawyers) reported being sexually harassed or discriminated against in their workplace.

Sexual harassment investigation into Uber is ramping up

A major development in the ongoing investigation into the workplace environment at Uber has been revealed. A man who says he was speaking up on behalf of numerous women on his team when he alerted Uber's human resources department about ongoing sexual harassment the women were facing, was fired shortly after he raised the concern. He hasn't worked for Uber since March 2016. Since then, Uber's workplace has come under fire as many accounts of sexual harassment, sex discrimination and hostility have come to light.

Few victims report sexual harassment to supervisors

If it feels like there are major political news stories everyday, you aren't alone. This has been a trend since last year, and recently one of the big lightning rod stories has been the mutual acknowledgement of Bill O'Reilly and FOX News that the commentator could no longer have a space on FOX's airwaves in light of numerous sexual harassment lawsuits against O'Reilly.

Appealed sexual harassment claim will proceed

A woman who worked as a truck driver and had her sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit dismissed by a lower court has been given a second chance by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The appellate court ruled that the woman's claim was sufficient enough to proceed, overturning a lower court's decision of summary judgement, effectively dismissing the case.

Dealing with harassment in the workplace

Harassment at work takes all shapes and forms. Sometimes it's blatant, but often it's more subtle. Maybe you received threatening messages from coworkers because of your national origin. Maybe you are the victim of offensive remarks due to your gender.

Disturbing allegations as 2 ex-custodians point finger at boss

Two custodians who were fired within a week of each other in October 2013 are suing their supervisor for sexual harassment. The two women were hired two years apart, in 2010 and 2012, and they both experienced similar sexual advances from their supervisor during their time there. They also accuse the school district of suppressing previous reports indicating the supervisor sexually harassed other employees.

Sexual harassment allegations plague national parks

Many women dream of one day making a living by working in one of Florida and the nation's national parks, but an influx of recent allegations alleging sexual harassment and misconduct may be making these women think twice. Per The Atlantic, more than 60 former National Park Service employees came forward to the same publication in 2016, alleging they were sexually harassed or mistreated in the workplace. Many of the complaints followed a similar pattern in that they were filed by female workers who claimed that little was done to address their concerns or protect them.

State and federal laws forbid sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is forbidden by both state and federal law. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 actually outlines the parameters of sexual harassment at work under Title VII. According to this title, there are two ways that sexual harassment at work can occur: either under a quid pro quo basis, or in an hostile work environment.

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