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Examples of religious discrimination at work 

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2023 | Firm News |

It’s common to hear the United States described as “the land of the free”. Essentially, this means that people of all backgrounds and creeds can live in peace and have equal opportunities. In theory, this sounds ideal. Unfortunately, this isn’t always how things work in practice. 

Discrimination in the workplace still very much exists and it often stems from a person’s religious beliefs. Recognizing some of the more common forms of religious discrimination could help to create more harmonious environments for workers. Outlined below are some common examples of religious discrimination

Direct forms 

The most blatant forms of religious discrimination occur directly, and they may even start before a person has had their first day. During the interview phase of a job application, a person may disclose their religious beliefs or this may be assumed by the hiring parties. If an individual is treated differently or denied job opportunities based on nothing more than their religion, this is an unlawful form of discrimination. 

Unfortunately, employees can be subjected to hostility during their work days. They may be called names, given demeaning tasks and even be paid less purely on the basis of their religion. In some cases, a worker may be wrongfully terminated on this basis as well. 

Indirect discrimination 

Discrimination can also occur in an indirect manner. One common example involves dress codes. All staff may be told to wear certain attire to promote the company brand. In many religions, it is important to dress modestly and if the uniform does not adhere to this then the employee may be facing indirect discrimination

You have a right to feel safe and comfortable in your place of work. If you feel like you have faced discrimination, be sure to look into your legal options