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Race discrimination still a major problem at work

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination |

While many companies in Florida and across the country have expressed their commitment to diversity in the workplace, racial discrimination continues to pose a significant problem for workers in a wide range of industries. Around 33% of employed Americans said that they had experienced or seen some form of discrimination based on race according to an online survey conducted by Glassdoor, an employment review site. A Glassdoor spokesperson said that companies should examine the results of the study to implement more meaningful policies to combat discrimination and improve diversity.

Over 5,000 people participated in the international study, including employees in the United States as well as those in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Of the respondents, 31% said that they had either witnessed or were the victim of race discrimination on the job. Another 25% said that they had experienced or seen discriminatory conduct based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Even more said that they had witnessed or experienced sex discrimination on the job. In total, a full 61% of the American respondents reported that they had seen or experienced some form of sexism, racism or anti-LGBT discrimination on the job. In the United Kingdom, 55% said the same, while 43% in France and 37% in Germany reported workplace discrimination. Many incidents went unreported, although young workers were twice as likely to report workplace discrimination incidents.

At the same time, 77% said that their companies employed diverse work forces despite the lingering practices of discrimination. Over half said that their employers should do more to improve inclusion on the job as a way of stopping discrimination.

Despite civil rights laws and ongoing diversity initiatives, discrimination continues to pose a major problem in American businesses. People subjected to workplace discrimination can consult with an employment law attorney about their options.