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Ban the box to spear fair employment

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2019 | Firm News |

Most people desire to work and support themselves. However, some obstacles make it difficult for certain parties to secure and maintain quality employment.

Thankfully, there are programs and laws in place to promote fair employment for all. In particular, ban the box is a new initiative making its way across the nation.

Ban the box campaign

The whole purpose of ban the box is to prevent discrimination against parties who have previous convictions on their records. For those who serve their time and rehabilitate their lives, having to indicate their past criminal history can present an unfair boundary to certain job opportunities. As the name indicates, ban the box seeks to remove that box from the initial application, to give parties a fair chance. Employers still have the opportunity to ask about criminal history, and potential employees may share the full story.


While there are state laws in place to help combat employee discrimination due to past convictions, there is still room for growth. The ban the box campaign helps to remove the discriminatory boundary during first impressions. However, those with criminal convictions related to the position do still have to reveal that fact.

Future outlook

Various states see the need to ban the box and implement it throughout the state. Some individual companies voluntarily remove the question from job applications. With its positive implications thus far, there is still room to grow. While some states entertain the idea of implementation, others simply are not. Therefore, it is still critical that supporters continue to express the need for reform.

With the slow spread of the ban the box movement, the future is somewhat unknown. However, as people continue to educate themselves and support the movement, the outlook could become quite bright.