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Michelle Cohen Levy
Michelle Cohen Levy

Dealing with the denial of disability discrimination

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2019 | Workplace Discrimination |

Those who are subjected to disability discrimination may encounter a number of challenges in their lives, both from a short-term standpoint and a long-term perspective as well. Anger, depression and anxiety are common, especially if someone is struggling with financial problems due to the discrimination or they are facing challenges in their career. Unfortunately, disability discrimination is more prevalent than many people realize, especially since some people have difficulty identifying this type of mistreatment when it takes place. Worse, some managers and employers who break the law deny wrongdoing, which can make it harder for victims to recover.

If you believe that you may have been subjected to disability discrimination, or you know that your rights were violated in this regard, it is imperative to uncover all of the details surrounding the incident(s) that took place. If you have been told to remain silent, or even threatened, you should not let these threats get in the way of your pursuit of justice. Whether you are humiliated, have had to take a lower-paying position even though you should have continued working in the same capacity, your rights as a disabled person were violated at work or you were fired, it is imperative to understand your options as you try to address unlawful workplace behavior.

Sadly, some people believe the lies that they are told when they are informed that no unlawful discrimination occurred (even when this was not the case). If you are facing these hurdles, it is imperative to go over your rights at once.