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Landscaping company guilty of wage and hour violations

On Behalf of | May 13, 2019 | Wage & Hour Laws |

Many workers in Florida, and in many other parts of the country, work above and beyond the standard 40-hour work week. In accordance with regulations set by the U.S. Department of Labor, employees who work over 40 hours a week are entitled to overtime pay. Employers are responsible for keeping track of employee’s hours and paying any overtime owed to workers.Yet, in some cases, company’s may try to avoid paying extra wages to workers, which could end in a hefty fine.

A landscaping company in Florida did just that. Instead of keeping track of employee hours and giving overtime pay to workers who labored over 40 hours a week, the company paid a flat hourly rate to employees regardless of how many hours were worked. After the employer started paying overtime rates, they did so incorrectly, which resulted in workers getting underpaid as well. After an investigation was conducted by the Wage and Hour Division, the landscaping company now owes more than $44,280 in back pay to the 75 employees involved.

If you feel as though you are a victim of wage and hour violations in Florida, you may want to seek assistance from an attorney. A lawyer who understands these type of cases may help you to explore your legal options and choose the best route of action for your case. You may be entitled to back pay, as well as other types of compensation for a wage and hour violation. 


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