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Regarding payday laws and your rights

When it comes to your paycheck, state laws govern how often your company has to pay you. Obviously this means that from state to state, the rules are going to be different. Some states have specific laws that others won't follow. But, in general, companies are supposed to give their employees weekly, biweekly, semiweekly, or monthly paychecks.

Employers still commit injustices against pregnant women

You would think that with all the advances we have made for women’s rights, women would no longer suffer discrimination on the job. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go, especially when it comes to the treatment pregnant women receive. Many employers in Florida and elsewhere may fear the efficiency of their pregnant employees will slack off, or that they will lose productive hours after a baby is born and the mother goes on maternity leave or requests to work fewer hours. This does not mean it is acceptable to treat pregnant women and new mothers as if they are less valuable or have fewer rights than other employees.

What is wrongful termination and how do you define it?

The question posed in our title may seem simple on the surface. Most people can "tell" or they get a gut instinct when they read a wrongful termination story, and they make a determination based on these feelings. Of course, in the eyes of the law, that doesn't cut it. Profound evidence needs to be there to establish a wrongful termination case.

What a 'qui tam' action is and how it works

There are times when an employee makes a startling discovery about his or her company. They learn that the company has been using illegal tactics or have been skirting the law in some way to defraud partners, employees, customers, or other groups of people. It can be difficult in some cases for outside regulatory agencies to know the full picture without having some help -- and this is where that employee comes in, ready to blow the whistle on their employer.

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