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March 2017 Archives

County employee wins wrongful termination lawsuit

In the opposite corner of the country from us in Florida, a wrongful termination lawsuit signifies the lengths that employers will go to in order to cover up for sloppy employees. The story also shows that no one is immune to nepotism. 

Dealing with harassment in the workplace

Harassment at work takes all shapes and forms. Sometimes it's blatant, but often it's more subtle. Maybe you received threatening messages from coworkers because of your national origin. Maybe you are the victim of offensive remarks due to your gender.

US Labor Department finds Disney violated wage and hour laws

Late last week, some major news broke in the world of employment law, especially considering it involves the name "Disney," a name which Floridians are all too aware of. The U.S. Labor Department investigated The Walt Disney Co. and found that they owed some $.38 million in back wages to thousands of employees who worked at resorts and hotels for the company.

Legal representation necessary when employers violate the law

In the last few weeks, we talked about at-will employment and the rights employees have when it comes to their termination (should that arise). At-will employment means that an employer can fire an employee for any reason so long as it doesn't violate the employee's rights or violate state and federal laws. Employees have rights to, after all, and there are many legitimate ways for them to terminate an employee's contract.

On at-will employment and exemptions

In our last post, we talked about how companies don't have full freedom in firing an employee. This may seem at odds with the definition of an at-will employee. These employee relationships between the individual and the company can be ended at any time without warning, by either party. That sure sounds like firing freedom for the company, doesn't it?