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February 2017 Archives

Companies don't have full freedom in firing employees

Everyone likes to think of the law as this shield that protects them from harm or wrongdoing. For the most part, this is true. As a social construct, the laws that we have prevent others from doing terrible things. This is their design. But just because their design is a sound and just one doesn't mean that people or companies will obey the law -- may it be literally or spiritually. 

Disturbing allegations as 2 ex-custodians point finger at boss

Two custodians who were fired within a week of each other in October 2013 are suing their supervisor for sexual harassment. The two women were hired two years apart, in 2010 and 2012, and they both experienced similar sexual advances from their supervisor during their time there. They also accuse the school district of suppressing previous reports indicating the supervisor sexually harassed other employees.

Reporter settles discrimination lawsuit with FS1

Colleen Dominguez is a respected sports reporter who used to work for ESPN. In 2014, she left the sports titan in Bristol to work for Fox Sports One, a relatively new sports network that wants to compete with ESPN. For such a high-profile move by such a high-profile reporter, it seems odd that we haven't seen much of Colleen Dominguez on Fox Sports One since. This is because she has been locked in a discrimination lawsuit with FS1 after Dominguez alleged she was treated differently than younger women and all men at the network.

Former Hertz employee sues company over wages, hours worked

The rental car agency Hertz has been sued by a former manager associate who claims that she was forced to work after hours in order to keep her job, but that those overtime hours never resulted in her being paid for the work. The lawsuit is yet another wage and hour dispute for Hertz, and indeed the entire rental car industry. These disputes go beyond the realm of rental cars, too. Wage and hour disputes are becoming increasingly commonplace in the legal world.

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