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October 2016 Archives

Workplace discrimination is never OK

It is infuriating to even think that you could be discriminated against for something as basic and human as your race, your religion or your gender, and yet there are plenty of examples of companies and employees who base their hiring decisions and workplace practices on these factors. It shouldn't be this way, but here we are.

On sexual harassment and your rights

One of the major talking points that has come out of this presidential election is the way women are treated in general. In the workplace, women deal with a lot, and even though sexual harassment can happen to anyone, it is undeniable that women deal with this terrible behavior more than men.

How employers can violate your rights during the hiring process

When you think about getting hired for a new job, you probably think about it in a pretty straightforward fashion -- as many do. There's a job opening and you interview for it. If the interviewer liked your answers, you get called back for more interviews and discussions. If all goes well, then within a few weeks you will be celebrating a new position at a new company. Congratulations!

Don't let employers violate your rights

The employee-employer relationship is usually a symbiotic partnership that benefits both sides. The employee gets a job, and the employer gets a person who performs his or her tasks for the benefit of the company. It's great for everyone. But sometimes, the employer runs afoul of their responsibilities and morals, and they violate an employee's rights. When this happens, the employee needs to consider his or her legal situation and think about what his or her next steps are.