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September 2016 Archives

Was I mistreated by my employer when they fired me?

In the wake of having your employment terminated by your employer, it is easy to immediately begin thinking about how you were wronged by the company. Most people would understandably feel this way. However, not every firing is done in an illegal or immoral fashion. In many cases, a business proceeds with the process of terminating employment in a compliant way.

Unpaid wages or hours? It could be time to consult an attorney

Being paid a fair wage for work is one of the fundamental expectations workers in the U.S. have. Between minimum wage laws, child labor laws and the various rules for worker categorization, there are many protections in place to ensure that employers are paying people properly.

Retaliation: What it is and why you need to know about it

The decisions employers and supervisors make aren't always popular or well understood. For instance, the decision to fire someone can come up against some backlash. The terminated employee can be mad; other employees can feel scared and confused about their own job security.

Can my employer ask me for a doctor's note to approve leave?

If you or a family member gets sick, or if you are about to welcome a new baby into your family, you would be wise to understand your options for taking job-protected leave. In accordance with federal law and the Family and Medical Leave Act, certain employees can take 12 weeks of unpaid leave without losing their job.