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June 2016 Archives

Report: Park Service complaints highlight problematic leadership

It is troubling enough when even one person is subjected to mistreatment and rights' violations on the job. When multiple people are being targeted and harassed on the job, it is crucial that action be taken to remedy the situation.

Can workplace harassment happen online?

When people think about sexual harassment in the workplace they often think of the kind of harassment that is physical or verbal. They imagine inappropriate touching or offensive jokes made in the break room. While these are both examples of misconduct, you don't need to be physically present in a workplace to be a victim of workplace harassment.

Refusal to break the law grounds for wrongful termination

Going to work isn't always the most enjoyable thing people do on a regular day. But regardless of how you feel about your specific job, you probably expect that, at minimum, as long as you go in, do what you're supposed to do and avoid breaking the rules, you will keep your job and collect your paycheck.

3 signs you have been discriminated against at work

Being passed over for a promotion or not being hired for a job can feel like an intensely personal slight. While there are many reasons why you might not have gotten the job you wanted, there is a possibility the decision was discriminatory. However, it can be very difficult to tell the difference.