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March 2016 Archives

Jury: Firefighter subjected to retaliation, wrongful termination

With a few exceptions, employment in Florida is considered at-will. This means that a person can be fired for just about any reason; good cause is not necessary. However, as simple as this might seem, there are many gray areas and complications that can arise that make at-will employment a complex area of law. 

The 2 types of sexual harassment you should know about

When people think about being sexually harassed on the job, they often think of situations that seem very obvious or even over-the-top. This might stem from movie or TV plot lines that sensationalize such encounters or even educational materials presented to employees upon hiring that attempt to show examples of this type of misconduct.

Do I have to take a medical leave all at once?

Any time a significant medical or family event occurs, it has the potential to greatly disrupt your life. Sometimes, it requires that you take time away from other obligations like extracurricular activities, relationships and even your job.

Pregnancy discrimination an issue before women enter workforce

Being the victim of discrimination on the job can be devastating for any person. Not only can such mistreatment jeopardize your career and your financial stability, it can also make you feel helpless, frustrated and alone.

3 serious problems restaurant servers in Florida may face

Florida is flooded with restaurants and bars, thanks in large part to the fact that so many parts of the state attract high numbers of tourists. Because of this, residents all across Fort Lauderdale have likely spent some amount of time working as a server, bartender, host or cook.