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Recognizing pregnancy discrimination in the workplace

If you have experienced adverse treatment in the workplace because you are pregnant, you may be a victim of pregnancy discrimination. A regrettable but very real issue facing many working American women, pregnancy discrimination is a collective term for the various forms of mistreatment you may experience because of your pregnancy or related medical condition.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act protects you from pregnancy discrimination in your place of business. More specifically, it dictates that your employer may not do any of the following because you are a pregnant woman or a woman with a pregnancy-related health issue.

2 students awarded $195K in settled sexual harassment lawsuit

An interesting sexual harassment lawsuit has been settled, and the original complaint exemplifies how sexual harassment in this increasing-connected world can occur in many different ways.

The sexual harassment lawsuit in question was filed by two college students last summer. The two women sued Delta College in Michigan because they alleged that their professor sent inappropriate tweets to them that created an "intimidating, offensive and sex-based educational environment." They were following their professor on Twitter because the professor said he would use the platform for educational purposes.

NLRB panel rules in favor of plaintiff

A former employee at a Nevada casino resort won a crucial battle in her lawsuit against her former employer. The woman sued Grand Sierra Resort & Casino under wage & hour violations, and she says that she was then barred from returning to the premises after the lawsuit was filed. So how does this simple disagreement mark a major win for the plaintiff?

A National Labor Relations Board made a 2-1 ruling that said the casino's actions sent a message to current employees who may want to join the former employee's lawsuit that they will be punished for doing so. In essence, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that the casino was establishing retaliatory rhetoric, and that their actions broke federal law.

Let's talk about employee rights and legal action

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that employers have more power over you than they really do. You may think that companies can do what they want, but in reality that isn't true. You, as an employee, have many rights. And when your employer decides to violate those rights or take action that is illegal, then you need to seriously consider your legal position and make the necessary moves.

It can be an intimidating and scary proposition to stand up for your rights and try to hold your employer accountable. You may be afraid of what the company will attempt to do. You may be afraid of failure. Whatever the reason is, it is understandable. Taking legal action is a big step.

Tech company UploadVR sued for wide array of offenses

UploadVR, a virtual reality tech company that has offices on the west coast, is being sued for a wide range of illegal acts towards their employees, including wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and discrimination. The allegations come from UploadVR's former Director of Digital and Social Media, who was fired seemingly after she raised these issues with the company.

The lawsuit went into some detail about the atmosphere at UploadVR. The lawsuit alleges that the founders of the company wanted a "boys club," and that woman were routinely subjected to sexual harassment, and that the sexually-charged atmosphere made it very difficult for female employees to get their work done.

Lunch breaks, overtime pay and minimum wage laws in Florida

As an employee in Florida, you might have questions about your rights related to wages and hours. Are you entitled to a lunch break? Does your employer have to pay you overtime? Is the minimum wage different now? All of these questions might concern you, especially if you are questioning how your employer treats you.

You can find answers to these questions by reviewing the Florida-specific labor regulations and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Keep reading for an overview of your rights as described in these state and federal employment laws.

Sexual harassment investigation into Uber is ramping up

A major development in the ongoing investigation into the workplace environment at Uber has been revealed. A man who says he was speaking up on behalf of numerous women on his team when he alerted Uber's human resources department about ongoing sexual harassment the women were facing, was fired shortly after he raised the concern. He hasn't worked for Uber since March 2016. Since then, Uber's workplace has come under fire as many accounts of sexual harassment, sex discrimination and hostility have come to light.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder is actually leading an investigation into the company's work environment after Uber's board deemed it needed to address the issues the company was having in recent months. The results of that investigation should be released in a month or so.

Does age discrimination apply in Florida when searching for a job?

Age discrimination has always been a problem when it comes to getting or having a job, but it will be an even more problematic issue as tech companies and the tech industry -- which thrives on younger, highly-skilled individuals -- becomes more ingrained in the national consciousness. But is that last statement just an opinion, or is there truth to the idea?

According to a study performed by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, there is truth to it. They created tens of thousands of fake resumes to companies, with different age ranges (29-31, 49-51, and 64-66). The study found that the older "applicants" were far less likely to be contacted by the companies where they sent their resumes. It was particularly difficult for older women to get communication back from a company.

Nike involved in wage and hour lawsuit

A former employee at a Nike retail outlet is suing the company for a violation of wage and hour laws. The plaintiff alleges that Nike forced employees to buy new uniforms once per quarter so that the employees would show off the new clothing lines Nike had available. Nike paid minimum wage, but with their requirement to buy uniforms so frequently, the former employee is alleging that Nike effectively does not pay the required minimum wage.

It is an interesting case and one that will make its way through the courts in the coming weeks and months. The crux of the issue is that this mandatory practice forces employees to be walking advertisements for their company, and without reimbursement, an employees realistic wage drops below minimum standards. The lawsuit also alleges itemization issues with paychecks and problems with sick time or leave.

How to file an employment discrimination complaint in Florida

If you believe you were a victim of workplace discrimination, you might be wondering what you should do. It is crucial to understand your rights and take the appropriate action. Going through this process might be stressful and a little scary, but with the right help, you can stand up for yourself.

No one deserves unlawful mistreatment at work. Continue reading to learn what you should do if you suffered discrimination.