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Female supervisors face more sexual harassment at work

Florida readers might assume that most cases of workplace sexual harassment involve subordinates who are harassed by superiors. However, a new study finds that female supervisors are even more likely to be sexually harassed than women who do not hold supervisory positions.

Research shows prevalence of workplace sexual violence

According to a national study, close to 1 of every 18 women and 1 of every 40 men have been the victim of workplace sexual harassment. The study was reported in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. Employees who experience sexual misconduct at work in Florida might have actionable claims for damages. According to the study's lead author, sexual violence is both preventable and prevalent and includes unwanted sexual contact, unwanted experiences like sexual remarks or exposure of body parts, coerced or pressured sex and unwanted penetration with use of force or drugs or alcohol.

An overview of a person's rights in the workplace

Workers generally have the right to enjoy a workplace that is free from harassment. If harassment becomes pervasive, it may be possible for an employee to file a lawsuit against an employer. In some cases, a single incident could be enough to prove that a person was subjected to a hostile work environment. Individuals may be granted greater protection under state law than federal law, which means that some may have an easier time proving that harassment or discrimination occurred.

Restaurant chain sued for sexual harrassment

A former employee from one of the largest fast-food chains in the world, which includes locations in Florida, is filing a lawsuit against the corporation for sexual misconduct. The plaintiff claims that one of her co-workers routinely grabbed areas of her body and put her in sexual poses. These allegations are part of a larger class-action lawsuit that claims the restaurant chain promotes a culture of sexual harassment.

Study finds female bosses face uphill battle at work

Research indicates that workers in Florida and elsewhere may not take kindly to being criticized by a female boss. A study hired 2,700 workers to transcribe receipts for a hypothetical boss who was given either a male or female name. After completing the task, a percentage of those workers were given feedback from their hypothetical managers. Generally speaking, participants were less enthusiastic about their work after receiving criticism from a woman as opposed to receiving it from a man.

$1.2 million awarded to police officer in harassment lawsuit

When one experiences sexual harassment in the workplace in Fort Lauderdale, it can easily feel like a violation of both their dignity and safety. The uneasiness that they feel is something that should be respected, not judged. It is for this very reason that employers who have been notified that such a violation has taken place are expected to act rather than be the adjudicators as to whether or not an offense actually took place. Oftentimes, the accuser is not even looking to get the person who harassed them in trouble, but rather is simply trying to escape the situation. When employers fail to act appropriately in such situations, they open themselves up to liability claims. 

Claims of sexual harassment continue to rise in workplaces

The #metoo movement has shined light sexual harassment in the workplace. While people are acutely more aware of the problem than in the past, claims of harassment continue to rise within American workplaces. Marketwatch examines these statistics to help people understand the scope of the problem facing workers. 

How can I heal from past sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment impacts people in more ways than one. Even if your workplace has sufficiently dealt with the issue, chances are you're still caught in the emotional aftermath. Proper healing from harassment is important both professionally and personally. Very Well Mind recommends taking the following steps after you've experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. 

What is toxic masculinity in the workplace?

Some common workplace tropes, such as pride in working the most hours or emphasizing a cut-throat process to get ahead, actually have roots in the concept of toxic masculinity. This diminishes the culture of a workplace and can also cause employees to partake in unhealthy competition. Inc. offers the following information so managers can identify these toxic elements and prevent them from doing harm to their workers. 

When sexual harassment is rampant in a business

We have discussed many of the consequences of sexual harassment, which include strong and difficult emotions, an inability to continue working at a particular location and trauma. Unfortunately, sexual harassment continues to shatter lives, even though a lot of attention has been given to this topic in recent months. In some instances, a particular business may have an especially troubling prevalence of sexual harassment, and the abuse may continue because nothing has been done to address the unlawful behavior. Under these circumstances, victims should immediately look into their options and may need to take legal action.

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