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Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Archives

Who is covered by the Family Medical Leave Act?

In our last post, we talked about the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and how it helps employees. Today, we want to continue the theme of looking at basic, but important, laws that protect employees and grant them rights. So let's talk about the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Has your employer acted inappropriately?

As an employee, you have a number of rights and they protect you from feeling uncomfortable or threatened at work. They also go a long way to protect you from your employer acting in nefarious ways. That doesn't mean that your employer or fellow employees will respect these rights, but you do have them and you can take proper steps to uphold them.

Don't let employers violate your rights

The employee-employer relationship is usually a symbiotic partnership that benefits both sides. The employee gets a job, and the employer gets a person who performs his or her tasks for the benefit of the company. It's great for everyone. But sometimes, the employer runs afoul of their responsibilities and morals, and they violate an employee's rights. When this happens, the employee needs to consider his or her legal situation and think about what his or her next steps are.

Can my employer ask me for a doctor's note to approve leave?

If you or a family member gets sick, or if you are about to welcome a new baby into your family, you would be wise to understand your options for taking job-protected leave. In accordance with federal law and the Family and Medical Leave Act, certain employees can take 12 weeks of unpaid leave without losing their job.

Checklist: Are you eligible for FMLA?

The Family and Medical Leave Act is a critical program for workers all across Fort Lauderdale. Essentially, it ensures that an employee can take time off of work for certain life events without having to fear that his or her job will be given to someone else. 

Before an FMLA mistake costs you, consult an attorney

Taking time away from work to care for yourself or a family member shouldn't have to be a decision that leaves you choosing between your loved ones or your medical needs and your ability to earn a living. This is why the Family and Medical Leave Act exists. It gives you the option to take leave for certain reasons without losing your job.

Think there's nothing to do about rights violations? Think again

Florida employees are protected by a number of state and federal laws. These laws are complex, but basically they are in place to preserve the rights of workers and make sure they are safe, fairly compensated and treated equally.