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Can a manager share my tips?

Tipper workers earn every dollar they make by providing fast and efficient service to customers. This is why's it's so distressing to consider a manager or supervisor laying claim to any of these tips. Fortunately, recent legislation has made sure this practice does not occur, thereby protecting tipped workers. However, tip-pooling with traditionally non-tipped staff is permitted, according to Eater

What is toxic masculinity in the workplace?

Some common workplace tropes, such as pride in working the most hours or emphasizing a cut-throat process to get ahead, actually have roots in the concept of toxic masculinity. This diminishes the culture of a workplace and can also cause employees to partake in unhealthy competition. Inc. offers the following information so managers can identify these toxic elements and prevent them from doing harm to their workers. 

Dealing with the denial of disability discrimination

Those who are subjected to disability discrimination may encounter a number of challenges in their lives, both from a short-term standpoint and a long-term perspective as well. Anger, depression and anxiety are common, especially if someone is struggling with financial problems due to the discrimination or they are facing challenges in their career. Unfortunately, disability discrimination is more prevalent than many people realize, especially since some people have difficulty identifying this type of mistreatment when it takes place. Worse, some managers and employers who break the law deny wrongdoing, which can make it harder for victims to recover.

Are you entitled to paternity leave?

Maternity leave has become such a common component of employee benefit programs both in Fort Lauderdale and throughout the rest of the U.S. that many may simply assume it to be inherent with their employment. Yet what about paternity leave. If your spouse is about to a have a baby, you may want to plan time off to spend with your newborn in order to both bond with it and assist your spouse in her recuperation and recovery. Yet whereas companies typically offer women 12-16 weeks of paid maternity leave, that which is offered to fathers is typically much less. 

What rights do you have as a pregnant woman in the workplace?

Showing up to work every day while pregnant can be challenging under the best of circumstances. If you also experience discrimination because of your condition, it can prove even more difficult. The good news is, your employer may not lawfully discriminate against you for any reason relating to your pregnancy, provided he or she employs a workforce of at least 15 people.

Former dispatcher sued city and police department

Every employee that goes to work for companies in Fort Lauderdale has the right to expect that the environments in which they perform their jobs will be professional and free of any hostility. If that expectation is not met, then employees should be able to voice their concerns without fear of suffering reprisals. Not only does retaliatory action on the part of an employer enable bad workplace behavior to continue, but it demonstrates an indifference to employee safety in favor of company loyalty. 

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