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Safety and security director fired after predictions come true

A man who was fired from his position as the director of safety and security at a Mercy hospital in the wake of some employees being injured by patients -- and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services invoking the "immediate jeopardy rule" -- has filed a lawsuit against the hospital for wrongful termination.

The main claim the man makes is that he warned the hospital about some of the dangerous security policies that were in place. These problems could endanger the employees at the hospital, he warned. And soon after these warnings, they became reality.

The hospital fired the man shortly after the "immediate jeopardy rule" was declared, which would see the hospital lose state and federal funding if immediate action isn't taken to fix the underlying procedural problems.

It's another interesting case where a company puts their own interests over that of their employees, leading to a shady dismissal that certainly looks like a wrongful termination. Without knowing more details though, it is difficult to say if the lawsuit will be successful. Many of these cases ended up getting settled out of court anyway.

Wrongful termination is a terrible act by companies that think they can do whatever they want. Lawsuits such as the one in this story are integral to holding them accountable and making sure their power is kept in check. The rights of an employee can never be violated, and standing up for those rights is imperative.

Source: Springfield News-Leader, "Fired Mercy security director files lawsuit against hospital for wrongful termination," Brooke Crum, Jan. 8, 2017

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