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How to face workplace harassment in Broward County

Workplace harassment takes many different forms. Employers may practice discrimination based on various factors, or an employer or employee in the workplace may subject others to forms of harassment, including unwanted sexual advances.

In Broward County, as in the rest of Florida, the law oversees the definition of workplace harassment and the various ways it manifests. If you suspect you may have a case for workplace harassment, read further to learn more about the current climate in Florida and how you can move forward with your case.

Legislating against harassment

The current climate in which sexual harassment has come to the forefront as an issue that requires more awareness and attention has not escaped the view of Florida's legislators. Two Broward Democrats introduced legislation in January that would create "new penalties for sexual misconduct by public officials." However, state and federal law also have protections in place for employees in any capacity. 

One type of harassment falls under "quid pro quo" harassment when someone expects something in exchange for something else. In these cases, the person making the request usually has some power to make employment decisions regarding the other person. An example of this is when a workplace superior demands sex in exchange for a work promotion. 

Discrimination is also an issue

Discrimination in the workplace is another area where you may have the basis for taking legal action. Employers may discriminate on the basis of factors such as gender, race or origin, religion, age, or disability status. The result of the discrimination can take the form of denial of employment or of a promotion or wrongful termination. There is no reason you should lose your job based on any of these factors. The Florida courts take discrimination cases seriously, and the laws are there to protect you.

If you have experienced what you believe to be a case of workplace discrimination or harassment, it is in your best interest to discuss the details of your situation with a qualified workplace discrimination attorney. This type of lawyer has the skills and experience needed to help you assess your potential case and build a strategy to determine the way forward.

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