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Denied third break, no overtime pay leads to Amazon lawsuit

Amazon is facing another lawsuit that alleges wage and hour violations after a worker claimed that his employers at the Sacramento shipping center scheduled workers for 10 hour shifts without paying them overtime and without offering a third break for rest. According to the lawsuit, Amazon is responsible for lost wages and compensation given that they don't offer their workers just compensation for the time they were working.

It will be interesting to see where the lawsuit goes from here. If might be granted class action status and, if so, there could be hundreds or possibly thousands of workers that could join in on the lawsuit. 

Even though this may seem like a minor issue when compared to other employment law issues -- such as workplace discrimination and sexual harassment allegations -- this is still a critical legal matter. Employees have rights, and when they aren't respected, everyone suffers the effects. In this case, we are talking about just compensation for hours worked and giving employees the breaks they need and rightfully deserve.

Those are important matters, and no employee should roll over for their employer when the company tries to deny them their rights and benefits. Of course, these cases can get very complicated in a hurry, especially if they become class-action lawsuits. We shall see in the coming months how the lawsuit pans out, and if Amazon is held liable for their seemingly unjust practice of denying employees their rights.

Source: ABC 10, "Amazon worker claims breaks, overtime pay denied at Sacramento center, files lawsuit," Alexa Renee, Dec. 1, 2017

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