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Different types of workplace harassment to watch out for

Florida is home to many hardworking citizens. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 10,140,000 people who are part of the civilian workforce in the state. 

No matter how good a company may seem, harassment can take place anywhere. While most employers are familiar with sexual harassment, there are different variations possible. Employers and employees alike need to be mindful of how they treat one another. If everyone makes a strong effort, then the workplace can make significant improvements in terms of employee morale and satisfaction.  

Harassment based off of physical characteristics

All employees deserve respect in workplaces. However, some people find themselves on the receiving end of derogatory statements related to: 

  • Religious beliefs
  • Political beliefs
  • Skin color
  • Marital status
  • Age
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identification

Even if one employee is making a joke, it can still come across as harassment. No one should ever feel unsafe at work. 

Harassment due to negative comments

Constructive criticism is common for virtually all businesses. However, it is important to differentiate negative comments about an employee's work ethic that are ultimately constructive from comments that are simply mean. Regardless if management or coworkers are making the comments, no one should have to endure bullying. 

Physical harassment

Physical harassment does not always mean inappropriate touching took place. Sometimes, it involves one employee blasting inappropriate music that coworkers do not want to hear. Additionally, one employee neglecting to follow a building's smoking policy also constitutes harassment for employees who do not wish to breathe in the smoke. 

Before taking legal action, employees should try to resolve issues internally first. Workers should feel comfortable going to a supervisor and explaining the situation. It is entirely possible other employees were simply unaware they were committing harassment and will immediately change their actions. In the event an employee makes a complaint and the employer takes no action, then the employee needs to contact an attorney right away.

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