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Employees, companies may discriminate against you

Every company is a little different. The culture will vary from business to business. Each employee is going to have his or her quirks, may they be positive or negative. Each company will respond to important issues in different ways. And the everyday interactions between employees and companies can't always be predicted.

But even with all of this variety, there are still some people and companies that discriminate against people in the workplace. It is an unfortunate fact, but one that continues to prove itself true. Discrimination could occur as part of a systemic issue with the company, or it could be one employee that has disgraceful tendencies. In either situation, the employee that is victimized by the discrimination needs to consider his or her legal options.

Discrimination can occur for a number of reasons. An employee could be discriminated against because of his or her race or religion. An employee could be discriminated against because of his or her age or nationality. An employee could face discrimination because they are disabled, or because of their gender. There are far too many ways to discriminate, unfortunately.

And then the context of that discrimination matters: did the discrimination lead to the victimized employee missing out on a promotion? Or being given more/less work than other employees? Did the discrimination lead to a prospective employee being denied the opportunity to work at a company? Did it lead to discrepancies in salary and wages?

All of these issues when discrimination is alleged, and the victimized employee should reach out to an experienced employment law attorney -- such as the lawyers at The Law Office of Michelle Cohen Levy -- to help with their case.

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