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Discussing sexual harassment in today's day and age

You would think that, with it being the year 2017, we would have rid ourselves of the scourge that is sexual harassment in the workplace. However, that simply isn't the case. There are myriad news stories out there that show women (and some men) are being sexually harassed at work. A survey in the United Kingdom found that 40 percent of barristers (lawyers) reported being sexually harassed or discriminated against in their workplace.

So given the unfortunate fact that sexual harassment is prevalent in the workplace, what should employees be on the lookout for? Sexual harassment usually consists of one of two actions: creating a hostile work environment where harassing behavior is unwanted, pervasive and even severe; or where quid pro quo offers are made to employees (workplace favors in exchange for sex).

The harassers that propagate this behavior could be anyone. They could be your boss. They could be a fellow co-worker. They could be the FedEx guy or an employee for a vendor company. Sexual harassment isn't confined to just your immediate work space.

Obviously, we hope that sexual harassment training will affect employees and make them see that a professional setting is what's best at work. However, people have continued to sexually harass workers for decades and decades, even with this training.

Victims of sexual harassment should get in touch with an experienced employment law attorney so that they can review their case.

Source: Above the Law, "What Is Sexual Harassment In Today's Workplace?," Richard B. Cohen, June 8, 2017 

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