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Sexual harassment investigation into Uber is ramping up

A major development in the ongoing investigation into the workplace environment at Uber has been revealed. A man who says he was speaking up on behalf of numerous women on his team when he alerted Uber's human resources department about ongoing sexual harassment the women were facing, was fired shortly after he raised the concern. He hasn't worked for Uber since March 2016. Since then, Uber's workplace has come under fire as many accounts of sexual harassment, sex discrimination and hostility have come to light.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder is actually leading an investigation into the company's work environment after Uber's board deemed it needed to address the issues the company was having in recent months. The results of that investigation should be released in a month or so.

There aren't many other details provided in this story, though there is the ominous quote from Uber's HR rep telling the man in question that they aren't able to get to every concern that employees convey to them. That is a serious problem regardless of context. But with the context of sexual harassment claims, it sounds even worse.

Sexual harassment is a rampant problem in nearly every industry. It may not get talked about all the time, but this issue pervades many companies and creates a hostile and untenable working atmosphere for many employees. This is just wrong, and the employees who are subjected to this awful treatment should stand up for their rights and consider their legal situation.

Source: Business Insider, "An ex-Uber employee claims he was fired for reporting sexual harassment," Biz Carson, May 18, 2017

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