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US Labor Department finds Disney violated wage and hour laws

Late last week, some major news broke in the world of employment law, especially considering it involves the name "Disney," a name which Floridians are all too aware of. The U.S. Labor Department investigated The Walt Disney Co. and found that they owed some $.38 million in back wages to thousands of employees who worked at resorts and hotels for the company.

Walt Disney Co. failed to pay employees for 15 minute periods before and after their shift. In addition, they would deduct expenses from employees so that their hourly wage fell below the federal minimum and they also failed to keep proper records for the hours worked by their employees.

While the $3.8 million payment will only lead to a couple hundred dollars for each employee that was wrongly neglected by the Walt Disney Co. in relation with this case, it is still an important decision that holds a negligent and reckless responsible for their irresponsible actions as an employer. The Walt Disney Co. said they will implement better training for managers so that they know what is "compensable work time" for their employees.

Wage and hour disputes can involve small companies or global behemoths such as Disney. In any context, they are unacceptable. Workers deserve to be paid for the hours they work, and their wage must reflect state and federal minimum wage requirements. For any employees that are being negatively affected by wage and hour decisions made by their employer, please consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, "Disney will pay $3.8 million in back wages after feds allege wage and hour violations," Sandra Pedicini, March 17, 2017

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