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Former Hertz employee sues company over wages, hours worked

The rental car agency Hertz has been sued by a former manager associate who claims that she was forced to work after hours in order to keep her job, but that those overtime hours never resulted in her being paid for the work. The lawsuit is yet another wage and hour dispute for Hertz, and indeed the entire rental car industry. These disputes go beyond the realm of rental cars, too. Wage and hour disputes are becoming increasingly commonplace in the legal world.

Given this penchant of companies to relegate their workers to some sort of subservient status bereft of protections by the law, it makes it more important now than ever for workers to remember their rights and to consult with an attorney if they believe -- or know -- they are being treated unfairly under wage and hour laws.

Your hard-worked time at the office deserves a hard-earned pay. When this equation doesn't add up as a result of corporate malfeasance or negligence, then a wage and hour lawsuit is the way to go. Remember that these cases rarely go to court and are usually settled. But holding a company accountable, even if it ends in a settlement, is important.

Where this most recent Hertz case will go from here is unclear, but it is likely to go into negotiations for a quick settlement. The more disturbing factor in this story is the trending behavior of companies in regards to wage and hour law. Don't let companies oppress you and stymie your wages.

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