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Companies don't have full freedom in firing employees

Everyone likes to think of the law as this shield that protects them from harm or wrongdoing. For the most part, this is true. As a social construct, the laws that we have prevent others from doing terrible things. This is their design. But just because their design is a sound and just one doesn't mean that people or companies will obey the law -- may it be literally or spiritually. 

We bring this up in the context of wrongful termination. Companies are allowed to fire people and they are allowed to lay off employees too. But when they do this, they must do so in a legal, proper fashion. Otherwise, they risk setting themselves up for a lawsuit by an employee that was terminated under wrongful circumstances.

What if the company that fired the employee violated contractual terms of the employment? What if the business that lays off dozens of people did so under a discriminatory pretense? What if an employee made a legitimate complaint to a supervisor about inappropriate behavior of another employee, only to be fired later without cause? These are all examples of situations where the fired employee should consider a lawsuit to hold their former employer accountable for wrongful termination.

Any person in this situation should consult with an experienced employment law attorney. At The Law Office of Michelle Cohen Levy, we have an extensive record helping those who have suffered wrongful termination in Fort Lauderdale and all around Florida. Don't let your employer get away with it -- contact us today.

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