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Employers have to pay you for the time you worked

There are many ways that an employer can infringe upon your rights as an employee, and ranking these offenses is an exercise in futility simply because they are all illegal and bad for the employee. With that said, we want to focus on wage and hour violations today. Considering you do your job to earn an income and, thus, allow you to live the life you want to lead outside of work, it is horrible that a company would violate the most basic element of a job: wages, income and salary.

As a worker, you have a right to wages that align with how much you have worked. If a company fails to pay you what you are owed, then a wage and hour violation has occurred. Whether your employer committed this violation on purpose or by accident, it is still something that needs to be fully investigated and you deserve answers.

If you have been robbed of overtime pay, or if your paycheck doesn't reflect the amount that you are owed, then you need to consult with an employment law attorney that has experience dealing with wage and hour violations.

At the Law Office of Michelle Cohen Levy, we know how to hold employers accountable at both the state and federal level when they violate wage and hour laws. We will sit down with you and talk about your case, answering any questions you may have about the legal process and the rules and regulations that apply in your case.

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