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Former administrator, county settle wrongful termination case

A former county administrator was fired in 2014 after it was alleged that he did not reveal a potential conflict of interest that involved his wife. The administrator was hired in 200- and then fired in 2014. It was discovered that the administrator did not tell county officials about his wife's employment at an energy company, one that had a solar project proposal on the table for the county.

But the county administrator filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the county. Few other details were provided in the story, but what we know is that the county settled the wrongful termination lawsuit recently to the tune of $312,000. Little information is provided in our source article about the former administrator's side of the case.

We can assume that the former administrator had some considerable claims to make, but the real bit of information here that is important for many people out there to realize is that many wrongful termination cases are settled. Many cases in general, for that matter, are settled.

Sometimes your "day in court" or the justice you believe you so richly deserve comes in the form of a settlement. Often times, a settlement is the cheaper option for both sides, and it adequately allows the plaintiff to earn back compensation he or she deserves while allowing the defendant to quietly put the case to bed. It may seem unsavory, but it is also effective for both sides.

Source: Post Bulletin, "Winona County settles wrongful termination lawsuit," Brian Todd, Dec. 6, 2016

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