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Police officer retaliated against after blowing the whistle

Up the coast from Florida, there is a whistleblower and retaliation lawsuit going on that demonstrates a major problem with a particular township, their police and their prosecutor's office. The case in question involves a police officer who says he was subjected to retaliatory actions after he reported that his department did not comply with the Attorney General's directives on training for an active shooter.

The police officer is an 18-year veteran of the force and he says he was demoted after he reported the non-compliance with the Attorney General's office. Additionally, this officer is the second police officer to file a lawsuit alleging retaliatory action on the part of the police department in the last two years.

We won't drive further into the details of the case because the lesson here is more of a general one: employers aren't always straightforward with their employees and they don't always follow the rules when dealing with their employees. Retaliation is forbidden, and yet you can very easily do a Google search and find pages and pages of stories revolving around employees who were retaliated against.

Retaliation is a troublesome area in the world of employment law, mainly because it can be difficult in certain cases to prove how or why a certain action constitutes retaliation. But that doesn't mean an adversely-affected employee should just accept anything that their employee does to them. These tricky areas of law necessitate an experienced employment law attorney to help victims of retaliation or other illegal action by an employer.

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