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Workplace discrimination is never OK

It is infuriating to even think that you could be discriminated against for something as basic and human as your race, your religion or your gender, and yet there are plenty of examples of companies and employees who base their hiring decisions and workplace practices on these factors. It shouldn't be this way, but here we are.

It is illegal for any company or employee to discriminate against one of their employees or their co-workers. Discrimination can come in a number of forms. People may tease you over your race or religion; they may deny you promotions or not fully consider you for promotions as a result of your sexual orientation or gender; they may base decisions on your nationality or disability status. And all of these things -- in any context and under any guise -- is illegal.

Since it is such a broad topic, workplace discrimination can involve a wide range of circumstances and events. People who feel they are being discriminated against in their workplace need to fully consider their legal options going forward. In that regard, you should consider the Law Office of Michelle Cohen Levy.

At our law firm, we work together with victims of workplace discrimination to build their case and present it in an efficient and clear way so that the mistreatment you unfortunately experienced is properly conveyed. You deserve justice after being put in such a terrible position, and we will help and support you every step of the way when you bring a workplace discrimination lawsuit against your employer.

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