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Unpaid wages or hours? It could be time to consult an attorney

Being paid a fair wage for work is one of the fundamental expectations workers in the U.S. have. Between minimum wage laws, child labor laws and the various rules for worker categorization, there are many protections in place to ensure that employers are paying people properly.

Despite all the laws, however, there are still employers right here in Florida who shortchange workers. In fact, you could be losing valuable portions of your paycheck if your employer is not compensating you properly.

For instance, you could take extra time out of your life to stay and work longer hours only to learn that your employer failed to pay you overtime. This should be very upsetting.

It should also be upsetting if your employer has wrongly categorized you in order to pay you less than someone else. You may be doing the exact same work as someone else and getting paid less for that work.

There are also scenarios in which an employer simply pays you less than you legally deserve. You might be subjected to convoluted compensation structures just to hide the fact that you are actually making less than the state or federal minimum wage.

In any of these scenarios, there may very well be wage or hour violations in place. However, you may not realize it right away, considering the fact that employers often go to great lengths to try to cover up these violations. When you do realize it, any delays in taking legal action could be costly.

As soon as you have suspicions about your wages or employment status, you need to take legal action to protect your job, your paycheck and your rights. Attorneys at law firms like ours know how to identify wage and hour violations and how to hold an employer accountable for keeping money from workers. For more information on our approach to these matters, please visit our website.

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