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Before an FMLA mistake costs you, consult an attorney

Taking time away from work to care for yourself or a family member shouldn't have to be a decision that leaves you choosing between your loved ones or your medical needs and your ability to earn a living. This is why the Family and Medical Leave Act exists. It gives you the option to take leave for certain reasons without losing your job.

Unfortunately, there are employees who don't know they are entitled to this leave and employers who fail to provide the protection they are supposed to. This can result in some serious mistakes and problems that leaves the employee paying the price.

For instance, if you don't know your options under the FMLA, you can be left to make some excruciating decisions. You might leave your job so you can stay at home with your new baby, or you might decide you can't help your seriously ill parent at home because you need to keep your job. In both cases, you would likely be making very different decisions if you knew you were protected by the FMLA.

If your employer tells you that your leave is shorter than you thought, you could be robbed of critical hours and days you could have spent with loved ones recovering from a serious illness or adjusting to having a new baby.

Even if your employer complies with the FMLA requirement to protect your job, there could be serious consequences if your benefits are discontinued for some reason. According to the FMLA, you should keep receiving the same benefits, including healthcare, during a protected leave. If these stop for some reason, your ability to receive medical care at a critical time could be jeopardized.

These and other consequences of FMLA violations or oversights can be devastating for you and your loved ones during a time that is already undoubtedly difficult.

Rather than pay the price of FMLA violations yourself, you can consult an attorney to determine how to remedy the situation and make sure your rights, your job and your livelihood are protected. With legal representation, you can resolve the disputes that may be standing or have already stood between you and your rights as an employee.

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