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NFL taking a unique approach to reducing workplace discrimination

Every person should know that discrimination in the workplace is illegal. However, it is often difficult to actually identify acts of discrimination and unless you are the victim, you might find it easy to look the other way or even support discriminatory behavior.

In order to help people better identify discrimination -- and identify with victims of discrimination -- one organization is using virtual reality technology as part of a diversity training program. That organization: the NFL.

According to reports, the NFL plans to utilize the capabilities of virtual reality to improve workplace training. They will work with a lab that can put human interaction scenarios into a virtual reality demo. This demo allows the user to be put in realistic situations where they are the subject of discrimination.

The virtual reality tool is believed to provide a more effective experience for people than other training programs. Making discrimination -- and the difficult emotions that come with this type of mistreatment -- feel as real as possible can allow a person to better comprehend the impact of discrimination and what it can look like.

You might not expect the NFL to be embracing such high-tech alternatives when it comes to using advanced solutions to combat workplace misconduct, but the organization has seen its share of complaints over the years, and both players and staff members will be expected to go through the virtual reality training.

While the virtual reality experience is believed to be more effective than traditional training options, the fact is that discrimination will continue to be a problem in workplaces all across Florida.

While training may not be able to prevent every incident of discrimination, legal action can be an effective way to address the incidences that do occur. Filing a claim with the help of an attorney can help victims of discrimination seek the remedies they deserve.

Source: Fox Sports, "The NFL wants to use virtual reality to combat workplace discrimination," Arielle Aronson, April 12, 2016

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